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From humble beginnings, Green was founded by brothers David and Jonathan Green with a view to help consumers and businesses move to renewable energy.

Customer-centric with a hyper focus for what is important.

At Green, we are dedicated to helping Australians transition to renewable energy by offering innovative energy solutions ranging from solar panels, solar batteries all the way through to EV car purchase assistance and installation of EV charging solutions.

With our expertise and commitment to sustainability, we aim to create a greener future for all.

Green is built on the foundation of great service, great people which leads to great customer outcomes.

With continued growth and a team of passionate professionals, Green goes from strength to strength.

Our story goes back many years and like any start-up has gone through an amazing set of moments to get to where we are today.

July, 2020

Our business is founded

Founded in July 2020 by Brothers David and Jonathan Green on a mission to be Australia's largest and best Renewable Energy Organisation.

September, 2020

We begin building our customer platform

The founding team begin building the customer platform that will go on to be the basis of our continuous growth and support model that helps more Australian's convert to renewable energy solutions

September, 2022

Our growth is rapid due to our customer first approach

When you get good at something why stop! Our growth exceeds our second office seeing us move into our current office in North Sydney's CBD. It even has a balcony!

July, 2023

We acquire Electricity.com.au

Given the product and market synergies, we acquire Electricity.com.au to continue building our offering to our amazing customers.

September, 2023

The Green HQ is born

Our continued growth see’s us get our own floor in North Sydney, becoming the greenest home of Green yet!

November, 2023

Green recognised by AFR

The Australian Financial Review (AFR) recognises Green as an AFR Fast Starter in the Fastest Growing Energy Company in Australia category.

April, 2024

Full rebrand from Teho to Green

For those of you following our journey, you will notice that we started as Teho. Inline with our incredible products and customers, we opt to change our name to Green via the acquisition of the Green.com.au domain name.

Meet our founders

Two brothers with a desire to convert Australia to renewable energy.

Jonathan Green

Having worked only for startups, it only made sense to start his own and do it better! Everyday his goal is, how can we help more people make the switch to Green!

David Green

David loves all things Green. His mission is to constantly find more ways to enable people to understand and access clean green energy.

We're hiring!

At Green we are constantly on the look out for talent.

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