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Terms and Conditions

About Green

We are an Australian energy broker that carries on the business of introducing customers to  entities who provide renewable and sustainable energy alternatives.

About our website

Our website (www.green.com.au) (Website) facilitates interactions between:  (a) customers looking for renewable and sustainable energy alternatives (Customer); and

(b) independent retailers and installers who provide renewable and sustainable energy  alternatives (Company or Companies),

making it easier for Customers and Companies to locate, communicate and arrange payment  and delivery of renewable and sustainable energy alternatives in a fast and secure manner  (Services).

Please take the time to read these terms of use. By using, browsing and/or reading our  website and the information offered on the website, you are agreeing to these Terms of Use.

While these Terms of Use apply if you’re using our website, if you wish to acquire Services  through our website, there will be additional terms and conditions relating to the provision of  our Services.

Our services

In order to access our Services through our website, please request a free quotation via our  website.

As part of obtaining a free quotation, you will be required to provide personal information about  yourself, including (without limitation) your:

(a) postcode;

(b) first name;

(c) best contact number; and

(d) email address.

You warrant that any information provided to us in the course of completing a request for a  free quotation via our website is accurate, correct and up to date.

You may not request a free quotation if:

(a) you are not of legal age to form a binding contract with us; or

(b) you are a person barred from receiving the Services under the laws of Australia or  other countries including the country in which you are a resident or from which you  wish to acquire the provision of the Services.

If you are a Company which wishes to provide renewable and sustainable energy alternatives  to our Customers, please speak to us directly on 1300 22 92 92.

Accuracy of content

We have taken proper care and precautions to ensure that the information we provide on  this website is accurate.

Notwithstanding the above, we cannot guarantee, nor do we accept any legal liability arising  from or connected to, the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of anything  contained on this website or on any linked website.

The information contained on this website should not take the place of professional advice.

Website Use

This website is made available for your use on your acceptance and compliance with these  terms of use.

You acknowledge and agree that:

(a) all information given by the Customer to us is true, accurate and comprehensive in all  respects;

(b) you will use this Website in accordance with all applicable local, state, national and  international laws, rules and regulations;

(c) you will not use the Services or Website for any illegal and/or unauthorised use which  includes collecting email addresses of Customers by electronic or other means for the  purpose of sending unsolicited email or unauthorised framing of or linking to the  Website;

(d) you will not use, nor will you allow or authorise any third party to use the website for  any purpose that is unlawful, defamatory, harassing, abusive, fraudulent or obscene  way, in any other inappropriate way or in a way conflicts with the website;

(e) you are prohibited from using our website, including the content contained on our  website, in any way that competes with our business or goods and services we provide;

(f) we are not responsible for the provision of the Services by the Company to the  Customer, nor are we liable for any amounts paid by the Customer to the Company in  respect to the Services, apart from the deposit paid by the Customer to us;

(g) we receive a referral fee or commission from the Company for introducing the  Customer to the Company and we will comply with the provision of the Fair Trading  Act 1987 (Cth) in respect to disclosure of the referral fee or commission we receive  from the Company for introducing the Customer to the Company;

(h) we receive a financial incentive to introduce the Customer to the Company and that  there exists an arrangement between us and the Company with respect to same;

(i) the Company is responsible for providing the Services to the Customer;

(j) we have no control over the provision of Services to the Customer and as such, we  disclaim any and all liability in respect to the provision of the Services by the Company  to the Customer;

(k) we are not responsible for any delay or other consequence that results from the  Company’s failure to perform any of its responsibilities under the terms and conditions  entered into between the Customer and the Company;

(l) we are not liable for any loss or damage that the Customer or any other person  sustains, directly or indirectly, in connection with the Services;

(m) we can only monitor the successful completion of Services conducted by the Company,  therefore any services undertaken outside of the terms of the agreement entered into  between the Customer and Company will not be monitored by us, nor will we be liable  in respect to the completion or non-completion of any such services;

(n) no guarantees or representations have been made by us in respect to the Services;

(o) to the full extent permitted by law, all warranties, conditions, representations and  liabilities are excluded including any implied by statute; and

(p) we do not accept any liability or responsibility to any third party who benefits from the  Services or make use of, or receives, the Services delivered by the Company to the  Customer.

If you make any public comments on this website which are, in our opinion, unlawful,  defamatory, harassing, abusive, fraudulent or obscene or in any other way inappropriate or  which conflict with this website or the goods offered, then we may at our discretion, refuse to  publish such comments and/or remove them from the website.

We agree that we will:

(a) not make any promises, statements or guarantees with reference to the Services;  (b) not make any misrepresentations in relation to the Services or the Company;  (c) refrain from giving any condition or warranty or making any representation on the  Company’s behalf;

(d) refrain from representing itself as an agent of, or having the authority to bind, the  Company; and

(e) refrain from committing the Company to any contracts or incurring any liability on behalf  of the Company.

We reserve the right to refuse or terminate service to anyone at any time without notice or  reason.

Information collected

Use of information you have provided to us or that which we have collected and retained  relating to your use of the website and/or goods is governed by our Privacy Policy.

By using this website and the goods and services associated with this website, you are  agreeing to the Privacy Policy.

To view our Privacy Policy and read more about why we collect personal information from you  and how we use that information, please click here.


All personal information you provide to us will be dealt with in a confidential manner in  accordance with our Privacy Policy. We will use our best endeavours to keep such personal  information securely protected.

We agree not to disclose, disseminate or use your personal information in any way other than  stated in our Privacy Policy.

Due to circumstances outside of our control, we cannot guarantee that all aspects of your use  of this website will be confidential due to the potential ability of third parties to intercept and  access such information.

Intellectual Property

We own all Intellectual Property contained on the website.

Intellectual Property” means all copyright and other intellectual property rights in any  material present on the website or relating to goods sold through the website, including, but  not limited to, uploaded files, layout design, data, graphics, articles, file content, codes,  news, tutorials, videos, reviews, forum posts, databases, methodologies, templates, forms,  precedents, spreadsheets, and other electronic tools created by or licensed by us and any  subsequent modifications thereto, including but not limited to, working papers and notes  created for this website.

You must not use or replicate our Intellectual Property other than as permitted by law.  Specifically, you must not use or replicate our Intellectual Property for commercial purposes  unless expressly agreed to by us.

If you wish to use our Intellectual Property, you should submit your request to us on 1300 22  92 92 or via our website (www.teho.com.au).

Use of the Intellectual Property is strictly prohibited except with our express written consent.

Links to external websites

This website may contain links that direct you outside of this website. These links are provided  for your convenience and are not an express or implied indication that we endorse or approve  of the linked website, its contents or any associated website, product or service. We accept  no liability for loss or damage arising out of or in connection with your use of these websites.

You should not provide a link which suggests any association, approval or endorsement on  our part in respect to your website, unless we have expressly agreed in writing.

We may withdraw its consent to you linking our website at any time by notice to you.

Indemnity and limitation of liability

You agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless from and against any and all claims, costs,  suits, demands, liabilities and expenses arising from or in any way related to your use of this  website, services or information offered on the website as incurred by you or any third parties  through you.

We take no responsibility for the accuracy of any of the content or statements contained on  the Website or in relation to our goods. Statements made are by way of general comment only  and you should satisfy yourself as to their accuracy. Further, all of our goods and services  are provided without a warranty with the exception of any warranties provided by law. We are  not liable for any damages whatsoever, incurred as a result of or relating to the use of the  website or our goods or services.

To the maximum extent permitted by law we are not responsible for any and all claims, costs,  suits, demands, liabilities and expenses howsoever arising and whether direct or indirect  suffered by you or any third party arising from or in connection with your use of our website  including without limitation the content and for any inaccessibility, interruption or outage of our  website or any corruption of data or if content is incorrect, incomplete or out of date and you  indemnify and hold us harmless against any such loss, damage or expense.

Dispute resolution

In the event of any dispute between you and us arising in connection with the website or the  Services, we agree to use our best endeavours to try and resolve the dispute amicably  through negotiations, discussion and other communication in good faith.

If the dispute is not resolved through negotiation, then you may, by written notice to us, set  out the details of the dispute, nominate a resolution and serve such notice on us.

Access outside of Australia

Our website may be accessed throughout Australia and overseas.

If you access our website from outside Australia, you do so at your own risk and are  responsible in complying with the laws of the jurisdiction from which you access the website.

You consent to receiving communications from us electronically and all agreements, notices,  disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal  requirement that such communications be in writing.


We reserve the right to review and amend these Terms of Use in our sole and absolute  discretion by updating our website and these Terms of Use.

If we update these Terms of Use, we will use reasonable endeavours to provide you with a  notice of the updates. Any changes to these Terms of Use take immediate effect from the date  of their publication.

Before you continue, we recommend you keep a copy of the Terms of Use for your records.

Governing law

These terms of use are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New  South Wales, Australia. Any disputes concerning this website are to be resolved by the  courts having jurisdiction in New South Wales, Australia.

You irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of  Victoria and waive, without limitation, any claim or objection based on absence of jurisdiction  or inconvenient forum.

We retain the right to bring proceedings against you for breach of these terms of use, in your  country of residence or any other appropriate country or jurisdiction.

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