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Careers at Green

Green is committed to helping people convert to renewable energy. To help people make the switch, we need great people. Learn more about careers and job openings at Green.

A bit about Green.com.au

We are a renewable energy business with a true environmental focus. We invest in renewable energy projects and organisations around Australia like GreenFleet to ensure we leave the world in a better place than we found it.

Green partners with some the the best and most exciting organisations in the world. From Tesla to GreenFleet, we work with the best so we can be the best.

Green is a digital leader in the renewable space. We run one of the countries favourite YouTube channels on Renewables and help people switch through digital education.

Current openings

We are always on the hunt for amazing people to join and we are only a call or email away. Below are our current openings however, treat this as a guide. We are constantly looking for great people especially for trainees.

Renewable Energy Sales Executive

We are looking for a motivated, passionate renewable energy sales executive to join Australia’s AFR Fast Starter winning renewable energy business.

Full Time

Meet the Green team

We are a diverse and talented group of individuals on a mission to change Australian’s relationship with energy. We are Australian owned, and run, oh and we truly care about the environment. Meet our team below.

Edward Park

Renewable Energy Consultant

Edward originally hailing from Brisbane loves helping people understand more about solar and solar batteries.

Ryan Towle

Renewable Energy Consultant

Originally from the UK one of the only things Ryan loves more than helping customers is Nottingham Forest FC.

Chloe Eddings

Finance Associate

Janice Stockburger

Renewable Energy Consultant

Janice is laser focused on helping people understand the value of going Green. When she isn't at Green you will find her training for dressage.

Graham Pinnock

Operations Associate

Graham is an absolute wizard when it comes to all things solar and batteries. Don't understand something, don't worry, just ask Graham!

Emily Byrnes


Originally hailing from Ireland, Emily's personal energy is only match by the amount of energy she helps our customers generate, alot!

Maxwell Hough


Daniel Ek

Renewable Energy Consultant

Daniel loves energy, previously working for one of Australia's Largest retail start-ups. One of the only things to challenge his love for Energy is his love for spicy food!

Shaun Andrews

Renewable Energy Consultant

Shauns eye for detail was honed as a professional ballet Dancer in the Australian Ballet. Now he loves nothing more than helping people buy batteries!

Nicholas Clifton

Renewable Energy Consultant

How do you know Nick is from Darwin? He will tell you. Nick adores solar, batteries and all things Green and loves nothing more than helping customers every single day.

Jonathan Green


Having worked only for startups, it only made sense to start his own and do it better! Everyday his goal is, how can we help more people make the switch to Green!

Abby Carbines

Team Leader Sales

If you are talking to Abby, chances are you are about to buy solar and a battery! She loves the power she can give people by making the switch and she does it everyday!

David Green


David loves all things Green. His mission is to constantly find more ways to enable people to understand and access clean green energy.

Emma McKenzie

Team Leader Operations

Emma makes sure our operations team is running like a well oiled machine every, single, day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about working at Green.

What are the benefits of working at Green?

Imagine coming into work every day and not dreading it. Mondayitis is a thing of the past and you are rewarded for your hard work. Welcome to Green. Check our socials if you want to really see what a day at Green is really like.

What is the culture like working at Green?

Culture is a product of people and we have the best people in the industry. Everyone knows the mission we are on, everyone knows what they need to do to help us get there and we make sure everyone has a cracker of a time along the way.

What is the interview process like?

At Green, our interview process is focused on understanding what you want to achieve and seeing if that can align with what we can support you with here. That means an open honest conversation rather than 20 questions from psychometrics thesis no one cares about.

Do you offer graduate roles and internships?

At Green, we love to help more and more people join the renewable revolution. If you want to get your foot in the door for a professional sales career, if you have just finished your engineering degree or if you want to be an operational expert but just need the opportunity you have come to the right place. We are always bringing graduates into the organisation and you could be the next one!

Do you have open roles that are not listed on the website?

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Still have questions?

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