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Complaint Policy

There may be times where Teho PTY LTD does not meet your expectations. In these circumstances we encourage you to let us know. We are committed to learning from your experiences as it will help us to continually improve the products and services we deliver.

Teho PTY LTD has a structured approach to resolving complaints.

  • the Owner can make a complaint to the Retailer by calling, emailing or posting mail to the Retailer;
  • upon receipt of a compliant in accordance with clause (a), the Retailer must promptly advise the Owner of receipt of the complaint and provide the Owner with:

(i) feedback on the outcome of the complaint (including the expected timeframe for resolution of the complaint, if applicable); or

(ii) a notice that further investigation is required, in which case the Retailer shall have 24 days to provide feedback on the outcome of the compliant;

  • the Retailer must handle the complaint in accordance with its standard complaints procedures on Complaints Handling AS ISO 10002- 2006 and the Clean Energy Council Code of Conduct (if bound by it); and
  • where the Retailer has handled the complaint in accordance with this clause and the Owner are still not satisfied, the Owner may refer the complaint to with the relevant Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs office.

Mail: PO Box 1888 North Sydney NSW 2059

Phone: 1300 22 92 92

Email: Contact@Teho.com.au

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