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Commercial Solar Finance

The impact solar can have on business, big and small is vast. One of the main drivers for business to make the switch to renewable energy on their own premise is the positive financial impact it can have in both the short and long term.

Commercial Solar Finance and Leasing gives business access to low cost capital to finance renewable energy projects like solar installations so that they can maintain strong cash flow while offsetting their OPEX and switching to renewable energy.

Solar Finance Vs Solar Leasing

The key difference between Finance VS a Lease is who technically owns the asset associated with the debt.

When you get finance (usually a chattel mortgage) you own the goods, in this case the solar system and pay back the finance company over the term.

In the case of a lease, technically the finance company owns the goods until you make the final lease payment and then the goods legally are yours. This can sometimes be called rent to own as you pay ‘rental’ payments along the way and it isn’t till the very end of the term that you actually own the goods.

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It is easy to get caught up in these differences however the true impact is mostly tax based. For leases you can usually claim the tax as each repayment is made. However with a chattel mortgage, you can usually claim the tax element upfront for everything.

With the ever changing tax landscape in Australia, it is best to speak to your accountant first.

In Australia, Chattel Mortgages are incredibly common for businesses when they are buying assets for their businesses. You can use a chattel mortgage to buy anything from a car to a tractor to a solar installation and thus they are often a very good solution for a business. When you couple in the tax benefits and ease of credit approval, you can have a very good solution.

Other things to consider that can impact what your best options are:

  • The amount of money required
  • The term required (in months or years)
  • How long has your business been operating

Given the nature of finance, every business being different and every installation being different speak to a Professional Solar Finance Broker today at Teho and understand your options.

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Cash Flow

Energy costs are one of the highest expenses in any business operational expense line. From manufacturing to retail, keeping the lights on and powering production comes at a cost. Solar can help you mitigate your power costs immensely and when coupled with a storage solution you can run long into the night with your own, clean, green, cheap power.

Often, when done right, a new solar or solar and storage solution can actually run cash flow positive when coupled with the right finance option when comparing to your old energy expenses.

To understand, speak to someone at Green today to do a full energy audit and comparison.

Solar Provides Cash Flow

Tax Benefits

When you install solar, energy storage or both you are adding an asset of value to your business. The tax benefits you can leverage off are things like, the GST on the purchase price can be claimed back and the depreciation of the asset. Speak to your accountant to understand the details.

Government Rebates

When you add renewable energy to your business, there are government incentives available depending on the size of the system. STC’s or small scale technology certificates are a good example. For every single panel that is added to your business to generate you clean, green, cheap energy the government will help pay some of the costs associated with installation VIA the STC program. We have written at length about the program however as a guide, you will get around $500.00 per kW of solar installed.

Most retailers will claim them on your behalf and show the deduction on your quote to save you from having to go through the claiming process.

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Speak to Green

The team at Green have a deep understanding and background in asset finance. Both directors have worked in asset finance and financed assets from planes to cranes. If you are looking at renewable energy for your business, speak to Green today for a finance or lease quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Commercial Solar Finnce

Can I get Commercial Solar Finance when I lease my new premises?

Yes. Most landlords won’t mind as it is adding value to their property and most finance companies will want your lease to have a good amount of time left before it expires. Some may want it to be the same length as the finance term as a minimum.

Can I finance a battery with my Commercial Solar Finance?

Yes. You can finance storage like batteries as part of the loan. You can also finance them on their own if you add them after.

How much is Commercial Solar Finance?

The cost of commercial solar finance depends on lots of different factors. Things like, how long you have been in business, do you have any assets you own and how much you want to borrow will be considered.

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