Every customer who buys with Green.com.au is given complimentary access to our Green Customer Care pack. Green has been built on a foundation of customer service and our Customer Care program is designed to ensure that we maintain and strive for a high level of service while helping our customers maintain and manage their assets.

Dedicated Support Hotline

Call us anytime you need on 1300 22 92 92 and select option 2. You will be directed to one of Sydney-based service team who can help you with whatever you need.

Free Battery Optimisation

Buying a battery? Great! You now get complimentary access to Green.com.au's Battery Optimisation. At Green.com.au we have partnered with a world leading energy management platform to help our customers get the most out of their investments.

Fault Detection Monitoring

Green.com.au monitors all of our customers assets for potential faults or “man down alerts”. These can be anything from a software update needing to be done or a firmware upgrade to a part that might not be working anymore and may need replacing. Green.com.au will help manage your assets to keep them running up to their maximum potential.

Free Health Checks

Green.com.au have introduced market leading free 6 AND 12 month health checks. Our expert team will look at your solar or solar batteries telemetry, ensure you are utilising your system as well you can and make sure you are on the best energy tariff.

National Support

Once your installed, you well have access to our National-wide installation team so if you ever need anything, we have the experts in the right places to help you out.

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