General information about renewable energy and solar power. Learn more about how to go Green.

What Is A 6.6kW Solar System?

Everything You Need To Know On One Of The Most Advertised Solar Systems

13kW Solar Systems

Everything You Need To Know About A Common But Large Solar System

What's The Difference Between Kilowatts (kW) VS Kilowatt hours

Today we are going to talk about Kilowatts VS Kilowatts hours and Power VS Energy. Solar is a classic jargon overload and these two and some of the most common stumbling blocks.

What Is Renewable Energy?

What Actually Is Renewable Energy? We Cover Off What It Is, Why We Need It And What It Means To You!

Green Customer Care

Every customer who buys with is given complimentary access to our Green Customer Care pack. has been built on a foundation of customer service and our Customer Care program is designed to ensure that we maintain and strive for a high level of service while helping our customers maintain and manage their assets.