In the modern world we live in, we consume more and more energy than ever before. Even while we are sleeping our homes are chomping away at your power consumption.

Our cars use energy, our phones use energy, our TVs use energy, we cook using energy. Nearly every single moment in life has some sort of energy consumption associated with it.

Firstly, let’s cover off why renewable energy is so important.

Most of the energy that we use today is produced by coal, oil and gas. Right in our own backyard, we have the largest coal port in the world at Newcastle and Australia is the largest exporter of coal.

Fuels like coal, oil and gas are known as fossil fuels.

A fossil fuel is a fuel that we extract from the ground that has formed over millions of years.

To put it simply, fossil fuels are made from organic material like dead plants and algae that over millions of years goes through a process driven by pressure and heat that turns it into the fossil fuels we dig up and burn today.

Because fossil fuels are made from this natural process we have only so much available. That is why they are known as finite. They will one day run out.

Burning these fossil fuels releases emissions into our world’s atmosphere which is causing global warming, air quality deterioration and even acid rain.

That is why renewable energy and switching to renewable energy is so important.

So, what actually is Renewable energy?

Renewable energy is energy that is created from a source that isn’t depleted when used.

Resources that we can leverage off to create renewable energy and things like, the sun, wind, rain, ocean waves, tides and geothermal energy.

For example, as long as the sun does shine, you can create solar energy. Plus, there is no easier way for you at home to have a positive impact on the environment and on your back pocket than installing solar on your home.

The moral is, fossil fuels are running out and burning them is ruining the world we live in. Switching to renewable energy will help our future generations live and support our amazing planet. Plus, you can even save money while doing it.

At Green we are passionate about all things renewable energy. If you are thinking about making the switch or want more information, give us a call on 1800 227 829.

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