Let’s talk about 6.6Kw Solar Systems.

When searching for solar it will not take long until your social media and Google is blowing up with advertisements for a 6.6kW Solar System.

The question we get asked every day is why all the solar companies are quoting 6.6kW?

This is everything your need to know about a 6.6kW Solar System.

How Many Panels Make Up A 6.6kW Solar System?

A solar panel can range in output, it’s common to see solar panels today at around 300 watts per panel to 400 watts per panel.

The size of a solar system is the cumulative total of panels. Using a 330w Solar panel as an example you need 20 x 330w Solar Panels to achieve a 6.6kW Solar System.

How Much Electricity Can I Expect To Generate From A 6.6kW Solar System?

On average you can expect a 6.6kW solar system to generate 24kWh’s.

The solar system will be generating electricity during the day which will be fed into the home first, what you consume you will save the most money on as you are not taking this electricity from the grid for high prices. The excess electricity that isn’t consumed will be sent into the grid, which the electricity retailer will provide a credit for – known as a feed in tariff.

The most effective way to increase savings from the solar system is to consume as much electricity from the solar system as possible.

6.6kW Solar System And A 5kW Inverter

Most 6.6kW solar systems are quoted with a 5kW solar inverter

In Australia we have a federal based incentive to go solar known as STC’s  or Small Scale Technology Certificates. STC’s are calculated on the size of the solar system, the installation State or Territory and the deeming period for these STCs.

The STC scheme allows the capacity of the inverter installed at the premises to be oversized with panels by 33%.

This same 33% rule carries across to the Clean Energy Council and your electricity distributor, who are the people who put up your poles and wires.

What this means is, the most panels you can legally put on a 5kW inverter to save money and help drive those headline prices is 6.6kWs. If you go over 6.6kW’s you would need a bigger inverter or second inverter which then drives the price up which makes it hard for the high turnover, low margin retailers out there.

However, oversizing a 5kW inverter with 6.6kW’s of solar panels is a good design move.

It would need to be the perfect day for your solar system to produce its total capacity not to mention site specific influences such as panel orientation. What is more important is the total daily generation of the solar system. A 5kW Solar System on a 5kW inverter will generate less then a 6.6kW Solar System on a 5kW inverter and the cost difference won’t be much when you consider STC’s.

Installing a 6.6kW Solar System will allow you access the maximum amount of STC’s on a 5kW inverter, it will also ensure your distributor is happy regardless if you have single or three phase power.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay For A 6.6kW Solar System?

In Australia expect to pay around $5,000 – $9,000 for a good quality installation, with good quality gear done by a good quality company.

We suggest not being caught up in purchasing a 6.6kW Solar System from a website that asked you to enter your postcode to unlock a special price. All that will unlock is long, painful disappointment.

The moral is, a 6.6kW solar is the best bang for your buck when considering a simple installation.

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