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SonnenBatterie Hybrid: What You Need To Know About The SonnenBatterie Hybrid.

We were lucky enough to be in Sonnen Australia’s Sydney showroom to talk about everything that is the sonnenBatterie Hybrid.

If you are trying to work within a budget or you don’t want to pay a premium price for the entire system, we strongly recommend you pay more to get a good quality inverter.

Why is purchasing a good inverter so important? The solar inverter is the brains of the operating system, the engine room if you like. It works by carrying DC power from your solar panels and converting it into the AC power we use in our homes. Without the solar inverter the panels on your roof are useless.

If one of your solar panels fails, not a big deal and an easy fix – depending on the configuration most of your solar system can still work. But if your inverter fails, that’s kind of a big deal – there is a whole bunch of panels on your roof staring into the sun with no benefit.

This is our guide on how to choose a good quality inverter, the differences between inverters in Australia and which one is right for you.

Chemical Structure

Firstly, the Hybrid has quite possibly the best chemical make up in the world for home or small business energy storage. It is made from Lithium Iron Phosphate or LFP for short. Without going deeply into battery chemistry in fear we may lose you, the big impacts of their market leading chemical make up means they are safer and more stable than alternatives plus, very close to our hearts is the cobalt free makeup of LFP cells.


The second thing we love about the Sonnen Hybrid is the flexibility it gives you.It has an expandable nominal battery capacity from 2.5kW up to 15kW’s in 2.5kW increments.

So it means the battery can grow with your energy use. Note, they are sold in 3 cabinet sizes, so if you are thinking you might need to expand in the future without adding a whole other battery, consider getting a larger cabinet size. We have all three sizes on our website so you can plan ahead.

Australian Made

The third thing we like about the Sonnen Hybrid is, it is put together right here in Australia.

Australian Made Logo

Sonnen run their very own manufacturing base out of Elizabeth in South Australia. Not many manufacturers out there can say they have a local manufacturing plant in Australia and we love the commitment to the local market from Sonnen.

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World Class App

The fifth thing we love about this battery is the Sonnen Portal.

We think it is probably the best app in the market and gives you everything you could possibly want to know about your energy storage and your solar production. You can login from your desktop or download the app for your android or apple device and then the world is yours!

It gives you everything from, current production, current consumption, historical energy use and it can even forecast your future energy consumption with its built in Ai.

"We think it is probably the best app in the market"

Teho on the sonnen app

sonnenBatterie Android and Apple App

Black Out Capability

Our sixth favorite thing about the Sonnen Hybrid is that it can work with your solar at the same time in the case of a black out.

When there is a black out, due to your solar system being connected to the grid, you usually lose the power from your panels. Sad.

To put it simply, the Sonnen Hybrid can isolate itself from the grid so the solar system and battery can work together meaning continuous charging when the sun is out. Other batteries would rely on what they have left in the tank and won’t be able to leverage off your panels to recharge. You just need to make sure you get sonnenProtect at the same time you get your sonnenBatterie Hybrid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about sonnenBatterie Hybrids.

Where is the sonnenBatterie Hybrid made?

The sonnenBatterie Hybrid is put together right here in Australia. They have a manufacturing plant in Elizabeth, SA.

What is the warranty?

The sonnenBatterie Hybrid has a 10 year ten thousand cycle warranty.

Is the warranty impacted if I join a VPP?

No. The same 10 year ten thousand cycle warranty stands the same.

Can the sonnenBatterie Hybrid be installed outdoors?

Yes it can, however you will need an enclosure for it to ensure it is safe from the elements.

Does the sonnenBatterie Hybrid work in a black out?

Yes! You need to make sure you get sonnenProtect with your sonnenBatterie Hybrid and then you will get the full function of your battery and help from your solar panels as well.

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