Learn more about the technical in's and out's of moving to solar power and renewable energy more broadly.

Single Phase VS Three Phase Power

If you are looking at solar or a solar battery for your home, one of the questions you are guaranteed to be asked is, is your home single or three phase? We are going to cover off what it actually means, how to work out what you have and the impacts it has on solar and battery.

10kW Solar Systems

One of the hardest things to first get your head around when looking at solar is system sizes. Often, the sizes that are advertised suit the solar company, not always you. With the increase in tech and continued growth we are seeing larger systems being more achievable in a residential setting.

What Direction Should Solar Panels Face?

When looking at Solar often the question comes up, what direction should solar panels face? Often the answer is, the direction your roof lets you put them on. Most solar panels are retrofitted to properties so the direction they face is usually already dictated for you.

What Is A Virtual Power Plant? (VPP)

Everything You Need To Know About Virtual Power Plants Or VPP's